Sunday, December 28, 2014

Suggestions, feedback, comments? Leave them here.

Before I start posting tomorrow about China, I thought I'd create a space here at Demography Matters for commenters to leave suggestions and feedback. What our readers are interested in matters to us.


Nick said...

I would love to see an update of your original post about French Muslim demography from ~10 years ago, or a post on some other sort of differential demography that could have political implications, e.g. Slavic/Muslim minorities in Russia, Hispanic growth/assimilation in the US, Jewish/Arab demography in Israel/Palestine, disappearance of minorities in the Arab Middle East, etc. etc. Thanks!

Abu Daoud said...

I agree with Nick. I think the topic of the demographics of Muslims in the West is very important and very interesting. And frankly, it is so sensitive that nobody else posts anything about it.

Second, I would like to know more about depopulating countries--Ukraine, Japan, etc. What will happen to them? What happens when they reach an ultra-low population?

And please note, I link to you links! My blog has hundreds of thousands of hits.

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