Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Some more updates

  • Expanding on the theme of a March 2011 post looking at Bangladesh's demographic developments, The Wire compared human development in India and Bangladesh. Despite still being poorer per capita than India, Bangladesh consistently does a better job than its larger neighbour.
  • The Dragon's Tales linked to an AFP article noting how sustained below-replacement fertility has finally started to lead to changes in China's educational system.
  • The Bloomberg View noted in June that France's demographic structure, consistently younger than Germany's, gives it an advantage assuming it could change its policies somehow.
  • Declining fertility in Malaysia across ethnic boundaries is a thing.
  • Slate is one agency of many to comment upon the ethnic cleansing of people of Haitian background from the Dominican Republic.
  • The Inter Press Service notes concerns that Venezuela, in its economic breakdown, might become a failed state. This is one reason why, incidentally, as noted by the Power and the Money's Noel Maurer, a Venezuelan campaign to extend citizenship to inhabitants of western Guyana--claimed by Venezuela--is not working.
  • Al-Monitor noted the serious problems of ethnic Armenian refugees from Syria settled in Armenia.
  • Bloomberg notes that Israeli hoteliers don't want African migrants deported, in that they want to have their workers.
  • Al Jazeera observes concerns that migration from Cuba might pick up with the restoration of diplomatic relations with the United States.