Thursday, October 21, 2010

The latest news from Tunisia

Some time ago, Tunisia's GlobalNet had an article examining the latest trends in the Tunisian population, in the article "Démographie, la Tunisie face à un 'trop-plein' de femmes" ("Demography, Tunisia faces a surplus of women").

The National Statistics Institute (INS) has released its 2009 survey on population and housing conducted on a sample of 162,500 families spread over 6500 districts in all governorates, cities and villages. The Tunisian population is estimated in mid-May 2009 to 10,420,400 inhabitants cons 10,314,500 inhabitants at the same period 2008, an increase of 105,900 inhabitants and a population growth rate of 1.03%.

The feminization of the Tunisian society is confirmed. Women (5,214,400) outnumber men (5,206,000) by 8400. The male proportion has continued to decline in Tunisia because of the impact of external migration, and lengthening life expectancy of women. This, despite the fact that male infants outnumber females, by a ratio of 106 to 108 boys per 100 girls.

The demographic transition continues, and Tunisia is experiencing its golden age population characterized by a superiority of assets over liabilities. The 15-59 year oldsconstitute 66.3% of the total population. The baby boomer retirees are nevertheless poised to reverse the trend, with people older than 60 years represent 9.8% (1,020,300 people) in 2009 versus 9.3% in 2004. The curve of 5-14 year olds is constantly declining: 15.9% in 2009 against 18.6% in 2004. The proportion of children below five years will stabilize below 8.0% over the period 2004-2009.

Migration statistics suggest that Central Tunisia and Tunisia are experiencing net mgration at the expense of peripheral reasons, and that Libya, Italy, and France are the major destinations for Tunisian migrants, as has been the case for some time.


Anonymous said...

Libya, Italy, and France are the major destinations for Tunisian migrants

I would imagine that the Italians and French are less than thrilled with this development :)


Fall of the House of Usher said...

Tunisia's TFR was 2.05 in 2009.

Turk Stat came out with data indicating a TFR of around 2.06 for 2009 in Turkey (though they seemed to have changed or revised the numbers they put for past years).

It seems to be much harder to get a reliable number for Algeria. It is apparently higher than in Tunisia.