Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Some more links

  • Writing in the Guardian, Fred Pearce uses the demographic situation in East Germany, defined by the mass emigration of its residents--esppecially well-qualified women--to the West, to wonder if East Germany will be the model for Europe in the generations to come.

  • Asia Times' Christian Segura writes about the Tibetan diaspora in Beijing; Tibet, it seems, is still marked by net emigration, not the reverse.

  • Marginal Revolution's Tyler Cowen links to an interesting study suggesting that the more male-biased the sex ratio in a Chinese region, the higher the savings rate (so as to make the sons more attractive in the marriage market).

  • The Independent's Cahal Milmo examines how the mass emigration of young Kyrgystani men to work in richer Russia and Kazakhstan is destabilizing traditional culture, creating yawning economic inequalities and destabilizing family traditions even as it provides the funds necessary for the survival of the people left behind.

  • Belgium's Le Vif/L'Express examines the history of Flemish immigration into Wallonia.
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