Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Fertility in Morocco

Actually the big demographic news of the moment has to be what is going-off in the stretch of water between Mauritania and the Canary Islands. Since I am posting on this separately at A Fistful of Euros, I thought it might be timely to also take a quick look at why Moroccan immigration into Spain isn't the big issue everyone thought it was going to be. Basically, as we can now see from the rising importance of Sub-Saharan migration to Spain, there are nothing like the number of Moroccans arriving in Spain - at least proportionately - as there were back in the 1990s. Undoubtedly there are many reasons for this change, but one of these without doubt is the impact of the demographic transition on Morocco itself.
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Anonymous said...

it is not surprising for moroccan demography to change together with the economy. i wouldnt take it as a bad news..

Anonymous said...

Nice post. You have not clearly explained demogrphic transitions. If peoples are migratting to Spain, it would be better for country economy in the form of foreign exchange.