Saturday, December 17, 2005

Longevity: The Biology and Demography of Lifespan

The book Longevity: The Biology and Demography of Lifespan by James R Carey, was published in 2003. The book:

presents the results of a monumental, twelve-year, National Institute on Aging-funded research project on the determinants of longevity using data from the life tables of five million Mediterranean fruit flies, the most comprehensive set of life table studies ever on the mortality dynamics of a single species. He interprets the fruit fly data within the context of human aging and the aging process in general to identify the determinants of mortality. Three key themes emerge: the absence of species-specific life span limits, the context-specific nature of the mortality rate, and biodemographic linkages between longevity and reproduction.

You can find an introductory chapter here.

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