Thursday, April 06, 2006

Links II

Laurent Toulemon writes:

May I suggest you to add a link to our institute (Institut nacional d'études démographiques or for English readers). Among other things, you may find of special interest our electronic 4-pages monthly Journal Population and societies. The last issue published in english, on "Birth prevention before the era of modern contraception" has been written by Etienne Van de Walle, a great demographer who suddenly died last month. Half of our issues deal with international themes.

Thanks Laurent, I have now updated the sidebar. Also, S N Stirling points out in comments that the 2006 update to the CIA World Factbook is now online and this is now in the statistics section of the sidebar, as are links to population statistics for Turkey, Singapore and South Korea (there is no particular order here yet, they get added as I find the time and the inclination).

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