Thursday, February 11, 2010

A few more news links

For your reading pleasure, here's some population-related news links that I thought might interest you.

  • Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty's Nikola Krastev observes that even though populations are aging, fiscal issues and social isolation is making the lives of the elderly difficult.

  • Turkey's Today Zaman observes that Turkey's population is aging swiftly, its elderly population growing more quickly than its youth population.

  • Ha'aretz' Lily Galili notes that ex-Soviet Jews, by virtue of their removal to the very different environment of Israel, have enjoyed a much greater lifespan than they otherwise would have and are being assimilated to Israeli norms.

  • The CBC comments that Nova Scotia's rapidly aging has led to serious and growing economic problems in a depopulating rural Nova Scotia.

  • Billboards in Atlanta claiming that relatively high abortion rates among African-American women is threatening the survival of that community are as controversial as you'd expect.

  • Kenya's Daily Nation reports that remittances to Kenya, about half from North America and one-quarter from Europe, reached $609 million dollars in 2009.

  • French Pearce in the Guardian suggests that the sharp decline in Bangladeshi fertility rates can be explained by a combination of a Green Revolution that reduced the need for labour on farms and the economic empowerment of women.

    Anonymous said...

    According to the Turk stat website (or maybe it was a related site) the TFR for Turkey has been relatively stable since some point in the early 2000 periods.

    Perhaps this is because of the growth of the relative size Kurdish population?

    Cicerone said...

    Could be. Kurds have a TFR of 3-4 children, but also I don't know why the Turkish TFR has been so stable around the magic 2.1 in the last few years.

    J said...

    I not sure that Russian Jews live more in Israel than in Russia, because the comparison is between Russian Jews in Israel and the general Russian population. What is sure is that ther fertility increased as Russian Jews assimilate to Israeli society. They are having two and three children which is unheard of in Russia.

    jim said...

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