Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Foreign Policy Links

The always-interesting magazine Foreign Policy features two articles of note to our readers.

  • Reihan Salam's "The Death of Macho" examines the consequences of how the Great Recession is accelerating a power shift from men away from women in societies around the world, as the old industrial economies which drew on male labour decline while the service industries which depend disproportionately on female workers continue to grow, even while traditional masculine risk-taking strategies are coming under pressure in the middle of a backlash against the practice which helped trigger the global economic crisis.

  • Malcolm Potts and Martha Campbell have come up with an interesting infographic (("Sex Matters") which examines the ways in which contraception has transformed demographics, showing everything from the types of contraceptives and rates of use in different parts of the world, to charts showing how long it took family sizes to fall from six to 3.5 members (58 years in the United States, and yes !, 6 years in
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