Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Understanding Statistics: It´s all a matter of presentation

Statistics can be a tricky business if you don´t know what indicators mean and have to shift through dozens of tables and graphs to find the facts you need. So it´s always a pleasure when I see graphs and presentations done in an easy and understandable way for the general public. One of the best sites I´ve come across is Gapminder, who have created a simple tool for visualizing world development with various indicators collected via Google. Well worth trying trying out!

While you´re there also take some time to look at the World Developments Trends 2005 and the presentation "Has the world become a better place?". Keep a close eye on China and India and also note that many developing countries eventually end up with a TFR below two.

So what is the trend? Well, if the world economy keeps going like it is now things are looking up for everyone. The millenium goals are in sight.

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