Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Tomorrow's People

Well Wolfgang Lutz never seems to stop these days. Last week he addressed the first Global Forum organised by the UK based James Martin Institute: Tomorrow's People: the Challenges of Technologies for Life Extension and Enhancement. Thanks to the webcasts you can see and hear his talk on Global Population Ageing and the World's Future Human Capital (Lutz begins speaking about 10 minutes into the video. Well worth the effort *****)

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S.M. Stirling said...

In point of fact we have not extended our lifespans yet.

Some people have always lived to the biological maximum -- into their 90's or a little beyond, and if they're lucky, to stay reasonably functional.

At this point you just fall apart, as you're genetically programmed to do. Nobody gets beyond about 120, and most nowhere near that.

All that modern medicine does is enable more people to live up to this potential -- to live long enough to die of a degenerative disease rather than an infectious one.